Nippon (Fujian) Filter Manufacturing Co., Ltd., founded in 2009, is located at No.1 Industrial Road, New Industrial Trade Zone, Zhangping City, Fujian Province, China. Company holds a total area of 96,000㎡ and a construction area of 36,000 ㎡, including modern production plants, warehouses, R&D center, workers' apartment buildings, etc. The total investment is 160 million yuan.  The company has been rated as "National High-tech Enterprise", "Fujian Provincial Science and Technology Giant", "Contract-abiding and Trustworthy Enterprise" and so on.  The company is specialized in the research and development, production, sales and service of filters, with a high-quality research and development team and professional technical personnel.It strictly implements

Product Features

Function of Air Filter

Air filters provide a clean air for the engine, effectively filtering suspendedparticles such as sand, dust, gum, aluminum oxide, ferric, etc., to reduceearly-wear cylinders, pistons, piston rings, valves, and valve seats. At thesame time, the air filters also have a noise reduction function.


Function of Cabin Filter 

Cabin filter, also known as pollen filter, is used to filter impurities such assmall particles, pollen, bacteria, industrial waste gas, dust, etc. that enter theair inside the carriage from the outside. lt is used to improve the cleanlinessof the air, provide a good air environment for passengers inside the carriageprotect their physical health, and prevent impurities from entering the airconditio

Function of Oil Filter

The oil filter filters harmful impurities from the oil pan and supplies clean oilto accessories such as crankshafts, connecting rods, camshafts,turbochargers, piston rings, etc. It plays a role in lubrication, cooling, andcleaning, thereby extending the service life of these components. Thefunction of an oil filter is to filter the oil, making the oil entering the enginecleaner and preventing impu


Characteristics of Air Filter Paper 

Our cabin filters all use filter papercontaining activated carbonadsorption materials, which caneffectively adsorb mold, bacteriaand dust, providing passengers witha healthy and clean environment

Characteristics of Cabin Filter Paper

We will implement a global strategy for sustainable development. In recent years, we have participated in bologna Exhibition in Italy, Coverings Exhibition in the United States, Dubai Exhibition, Verona Exhibition, Canton Fair and other ceramic exhibitions at home and abroad, and held a three-dimensional communication strategy combining online and offline activities of designers and various media


Characteristics of Oil Filter Paper 

Our oil filter paper is made of environmentally friendly materials, whichcan be degraded in abandoned environments without polluting theenvironment.

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